The Howe Scholarship Endowment

The Howe Scholarship Endowment was named in honor of the Howes, a gifted family of at least four generations of African-American builders and carpenters who contributed immensely to construction in Wilmington from the mid-19th into the early 20th centuries. It was established in celebration of the resilience, fortitude, talent, and imagination of the African-American community in the Wilmington, NC area, and in appreciation of its many seminal contributions to the construction and beauty of the city. Created in December 2021, the Scholarship is also meant as a small act of restitution toward that same community in acknowledgment and remorse for a long legacy of historical harms, such as enslavement, the 1898 Wilmington Massacre and Coup d’etat, and decades of Jim Crow laws including disenfranchisement. As such, the endowment is open to contributions from any person, family, or organization wishing to participate in the growth of this fund, in the spirit of fostering the future of Wilmington’s African-American community.

The Scholarship is intended to support the education of African-American students pursuing the building arts & sciences, including but not limited to architecture—a field in which Black Americans are currently underrepresented in the United States. Higher educational pursuits in other areas of the building arts, including engineering, carpentry, and construction management, will also be strongly considered. Beginning in 2023, the Scholarship will be awarded to one recipient annually in an amount to be determined.

Please find the Howe Scholarship application on this website. And keep checking this space as we build and expand it with photographs and information on the Howe family and their work.

McKoy House. Builder: Alfred A. Howe, 1887

Next APPLICATION period will be announced in February 2024

Congratulations to Kweli King, Recipient of the Howe Scholarship 2023

June 30, 2023. St. Stephen A.M.E. Church in collaboration with the Howe Scholarship Endowment and the N.C. Community Foundation announce the recipient of the inaugural Howe Scholarship. 

The recipient is Kweli King, a 2023 graduate of North Brunswick High School. He is the son of Dwight and Iris King of Leland, N.C. 

Kweli received many honors upon high school graduation including distinction as a Summa Cum Laude graduate, North Carolina Scholar, member of the National Honor Society, and an Honor Graduate of North Brunswick High School.  He plans to attend the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he has been admitted into the Lee College of Engineering. His intended major is Mechanical Engineering. He will receive $1,500 to offset the cost of his first semester studies.